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I finished my series on Colossians yesterday.  It’s been a great verse-by-verse expository series– something I’m going to try to do more often.  I’ve really gained a deeper appreciation for the supremacy of Christ through this series.

Here’s the next in the series.  Again, rough draft, sorry for any typos, etc.



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 Here is another in my series on Colossians.  This one points out that there is no middle ground when it comes to God: you are either on His side or not.  It also explores the terminology of us being “enemies of God”.  I thought it was a pretty powerful sermon.

Standard disclaimer: this is the first draft, so there may be typos and things that were cut out in the presentation.


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Our church foyer is being used as a polling place in today’s election.  That means that right outside my door there have been about 40 people at any given time chattering, joking, fussing, and laughing.  It’s like working in the middle of a coffee shop.  It’s been great.

I know that this is kind of a cliched thing to say, but I am always awe-struck when I see an election going down in this country.  This year’s governor’s race has been very vitriolic and acerbic with a lot of mud-slinging from both sides.  Yet, today, when the voting actually happens, the beauty of American democracy is seen.  Sitting here in the polling place I’m not worried about bombs being placed to disrupt the voting.  I don’t have to worry about armed thugs intimidating the poll workers.  There are not armed guards here to make sure that the votes get to counting place.  Even though there are strong opinions about who should be governor there are not fights in the parking lot.  And I’m glad to see that the voting today has been brisk; there has been a small line all day of people voting in this small, rural precinct.

Now, don’t get me wrong: there is plenty wrong with our political system and even with the voting process.  I’m sure that there will be a lot of dead people who cast ballots today, and this being Kentucky I know that there will be a lot of cash and whiskey handed out to “get out the vote”.  A lot of people who can vote won’t, and a lot who shouldn’t vote will.

But when I think of what’s going on in other countries, where military juntas are running the show or martial law has been declared and Supreme Court Justices “fired”, I’m just awed to see democracy in action.

I pray that we will never lose sight of just how precious the right to vote for our representatives is.

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You know, one of the reasons that I’ve always discounted the idea of evolution is the sheer impossibility of complex organs developing simply by chance and natural selection. Take the eye, for example. It is simply too complex to be explain by random mutation.

Well, today I read in my local paper that scientists trace our eyes– and the eyes of all animals– back to a “blob of living jelly floating in the sea about 600 million years ago.” This blob could only distinguish between light and dark, but “that simple trick was such an advantage that it was passed on from generation to generation of the hydra’s cousins and their myriad descendants.” And from the hydra the gift of sight was passed on to you, me, the giraffe, the ostrich and the octopus.

Yeah, ok. Sure. Well, an evolutionist has to have some kind of explanation for things like eyes, which require a highly improbable amount of random mutations to be useful. Now, if they could just explain how an animal that gets oxygen from water was able to develop lungs to get oxygen from the air without drowning or suffocating…

I really don’t want to argue with evolutionists: it’s like arguing with people from different religions with different presuppositions. But couldn’t we just admit that it takes as much faith to believe the creation myths and tortured explanations of origins of evolutionists as it does to believe the biblical account of creation?

Your eye is here because a blob of jelly mutated to be able to distinguish light from dark.

Your eye is here because an intelligent Creator formed it.

Which is harder to believe?

And so it goes.

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