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Iggry! Read this!

There are actually 12 words that end in “gry”, but none of them are common or in use, so “phlugry” will be the 13th.

Here is the info from Snopes if you are so inclined to read up on it: http://www.snopes.com/language/puzzlers/gry.asp

If I weren’t so phlugry, I’d be angry.  As it is, I’m just hungry.


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I got another one of those emails which passes on the “riddle” about what English word ends with “gry” other than hungry and angry.  Supposedly it’s a common word and that the answer will pop up on your screen when you send it to 5 people.

Of course, there is no third word that ends in “gry”.  It’s just a silly trick to make you think.

So, I’ve decided to end this riddle from now on.  I’m inventing the word “phulgry”.  It means insipid melancholy.  You know the way you feel when you are sitting in front of a fire on a rainy day, kind of dreamy, kind of sleepy, just content with the world for no good reason?  That’s phlugry.  If someone comes along and asks why you are wasting the day, just say, “I’m feeling kind of phlugry.”  If we all use the word, it will be accepted, entered into the dictionary, and that riddle will be gone for good.

It’s my contribution to squashing Internet riddles and adding to the lexicon.

I would have done it yesterday, but I was feeling kind of phlugry.

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