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“Yet another book about the differences between men and
women,” was my thought when I first received “For Men Only.”  My expectation was that this was going to be
a superficial explanation about the different ways in which men and women
think, communicate, and process life.
However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book went beyond
the surface treatments of gender differences and explained not only why men and
women are different but ways in which men can use the knowledge of how women
see the world to improve their relationships with them.  The book is written in the voice of Jeff as a
man to a man.  Because of this, he can be
very frank and open not only about how women are but how we men can better
relate to them in a way that is helpful and not preachy or clinical.  It’s an easy book to read, I read it in two
afternoons, but it is packed with useful survey results, real-life examples,
and practical ways to respond to women to make for a better relationship.  There is a lot of humor and the examples are
all things that men can relate to.  Much
of the research and information compiled by Jeff comes from time spent with his
wife Shaunti as she conducted interviews and conferences with women in her work
with “For Women Only”, therefore the findings are not just academic but drawn from
real-life situations.  Interspersed with
the discussion are numerous surveys which back up the points made.  Also included with the book on the front
cover is a “Quick Start Guide” which sums up the book in easy-to-read chart

I highly recommend this book for a number of reasons.  True, there is not much new or
ground-breaking here; after all, women have been the same since God created them,
but, the material here is fun and easy to read and offers many practical
techniques to put the findings into practice.
Also, since it is so short and easy to read it is much more likely to
actually be read by a typical guy and since the language is so conversational
it is less likely to be put down.  I
could see this book being used in a men’s small group, taking each chapter per
week and it would be a great book to give to men in pre-marital counseling
sessions or as a gift.  Finally, I appreciated
that the language in the book was very frank.
Jeff deals with things like sex, lust, and communication in ways that
are very direct while still being respectful.
I received a free copy of “For Men Only” by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn in
exchange for an objective review from the publisher Waterbrook Multnomah.


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