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Just finished reading “Every Man’s Battle” by Arterburn and Stoeker.  First of all, I’m glad to finally know where the term “bouncing your eyes” comes from, as well as understanding exactly what it means now.  Second, I HIGHLY recommend this book for any man.  I’ve found that a lot of books dealing with sexual purity tend to focus a lot on the really overt types of sexual sins.  For example, I read “Samson and the Pirate Monks” a few weeks back (another excellent book!) and while I got a lot from the book, the examples given in that book dealt with picking up prostitutes, visiting strip clubs, viewing pornography, having affairs, and so on.  I know that a lot of guys struggle with those kinds of sins, but I always suspected that most Christian men struggle with sexual sin without going to those extremes.  That is, the average guy in the pew might not get a sensual massage, but he might struggle with not looking at a female jogger or the cover of Cosmo while in the checkout line.

“Every Man’s Battle” deals with the battle that a typical man has with his eyes and his mind: looking at women and having impure thoughts.  We might be good at avoiding things like pornography and prostitutes, but it’s hard for the average guy to walk through a mall without being assaulted with things that would cause him to lust, from real women to Victoria Secret displays to advertisements.  It’s been well-established that men are much more visually stimulated and we’ve all heard the stats about how often men think about sexual things.

This book gives some practical ways to be pure and makes it very clear that we are dishonoring to our wives (or future wives) when we engage in these kinds of actions.  Remember, even Jesus tied adultery to “looking at a woman with lust”.  I really recommend this book and think that it would make a great study for a men’s group.  Granted, a lot of guys are involved in some pretty extreme sexual sins, but for the guy who thinks that just looking and daydreaming is not bad, this book is for them.

Not only does it deal with sexual sin and overcoming it, the book also stresses how important it is to honor and cherish your wife, no matter what.  I’m going today to get “Every Man’s Marriage” because I was so impressed with “Every Man’s Battle” and its emphasis on strong marriages.  I’ll be doing a wedding in a few weeks and I now know what I’m going to give the groom for a wedding gift.

Of all the “Men’s Interests” books I’ve read, this is one of the best.  Very practical, very honest, very biblical, very encouraging.  No pat answers, just solid advice.  Plus, there is a section at the end of every segment for women to read.  This is good, because if the average wife picks up this book and realizes what goes on in the mind of the average guy she is going to be shocked: the “woman’s section” helps to make a little bit of sense of it all (and to be fair, we don’t get why women have so many shoes).


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