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I’m getting a little bit of flack on a Christian forum that I participate in. There is a lot of hair-pulling and sackcloth wearing about the California decision to legalize gay marriage (mazel tov, Ellen). A lot of my conservative, evangelical friends are talking like the sky is falling and urging us to get out and do something to keep gay marriage illegal (kind of hard to do when the courts are making legal what the voters have voted to keep illegal, as in the California case).

My take is a little different. Of course I’m concerned that our culture has drifted so far away from our Christian roots that we are making legal something that is clearly unbibilical (though I might point out that we are sticking to our roots of freedom and equality; it’s hard to balance our Christian roots with our equality roots sometimes). Of course I think that gay marriage is morally wrong simply because homosexual acts are biblically wrong (no need to argue with me, I know that some folks interpret the bible to allow for homosexual acts, then again, you can argue about anything from the bible if you want, this is my interpretation based on a lot of study). Ok, that being said…

I don’t think that the Christian response to an unbiblical law is to immediately rush out and write letters to the editor, march in protest, or call a Senator. Sure, we have a civic duty to let our legislators know what we want and we should go and vote our morals (as I just mentioned in a previous post). All of those responses are certainly valid as American citizens.

But if we really want to make a change, our first and most important response should be to change hearts, not just laws. We will not lead one person out of a life of homosexuality by making gay marriage illegal. But if we lead a person to Christ and they are convicted that homosexual acts are wrong they will repent and change their actions.

The same is true with any other issue. Take abortion. It’s legal now and I think we should work to make it illegal. Yet I know that even if abortion were illegal there would still be abortions and even if there weren’t there would still be people having sex who are unprepared to raise a child (so we might end up with less abortions and more neglected and abused children). I’m all for working to make abortion illegal, but I think that the Christian response first and foremost would be to lead people to Christ so that they will not have sex outside of marriage and if they did end up with an “unwanted child” that they would seek another option instead of abortion.

I think the temptation to win the world through laws and coercion is a lot like the temptation that Satan offered Jesus: to give him the whole world with just a word.  We could make people act like we believe they should with laws and enforcement, but would that really change a heart?  Instead, we should lead people to follow Christ, knowing that their lives will change as a result.  And really, in the end, are we trying to end homosexual acts, abortion, drugs, violence, etc. or are we trying to win souls to Christ?  The changed behavior is the byproduct of a changed heart.


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Our church foyer is being used as a polling place in today’s election.  That means that right outside my door there have been about 40 people at any given time chattering, joking, fussing, and laughing.  It’s like working in the middle of a coffee shop.  It’s been great.

I know that this is kind of a cliched thing to say, but I am always awe-struck when I see an election going down in this country.  This year’s governor’s race has been very vitriolic and acerbic with a lot of mud-slinging from both sides.  Yet, today, when the voting actually happens, the beauty of American democracy is seen.  Sitting here in the polling place I’m not worried about bombs being placed to disrupt the voting.  I don’t have to worry about armed thugs intimidating the poll workers.  There are not armed guards here to make sure that the votes get to counting place.  Even though there are strong opinions about who should be governor there are not fights in the parking lot.  And I’m glad to see that the voting today has been brisk; there has been a small line all day of people voting in this small, rural precinct.

Now, don’t get me wrong: there is plenty wrong with our political system and even with the voting process.  I’m sure that there will be a lot of dead people who cast ballots today, and this being Kentucky I know that there will be a lot of cash and whiskey handed out to “get out the vote”.  A lot of people who can vote won’t, and a lot who shouldn’t vote will.

But when I think of what’s going on in other countries, where military juntas are running the show or martial law has been declared and Supreme Court Justices “fired”, I’m just awed to see democracy in action.

I pray that we will never lose sight of just how precious the right to vote for our representatives is.

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There is a news article out that says that American scientists are forbidden to talk about polar bears when traveling abroad.

I think Pepsi is behind this…

 Coke Polar Bear

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